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Now up and ready to take orders it a new site for animal lovers.

Animal lovers are awesome, and we all know how important having critters in our life can be!


What makes TameMe Pet the best for your gift needs as an enthusiast is pure--we share your enthusiasm, love, and devotion for all things furry (or not so furry)! If you are here, there's a good chance you already have pets, are close to people who have pets, wish you had a pet, or appreciate all things relating to the beautiful animals roaming our globe.


Animals have been companions to the people since the dawn of time, and to live in harmony with them is to be alive indeed. This site is dedicated to celebrating this special bond between humans and animals. We strive to be a trusted resource you can rely on when you need a special gift for the animal lovers in your life, or even just a treat for yourself to proudly display your love for the beautiful creatures sharing this world with us. We strive to bring you unique gifts to celebrate our shared passion for pets and wildlife alike.

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