"I'm a Cat." Casual Cat Ear Hoodie Sweatshirt

What could be better than an endless power heater that can meow in front of your tummy on a dreary winter day?

I have got my own cat-ear hoodie with a front pocket to equip my feline furnace.

Since my cat, Pie, is a true hibernator that prefers nothing but spending his day near the fireplace (and his meals), and he has a thick coat that stores significant heat for a pleasant warmth to crawl my hands in, it popped me an idea to turn him into my grumpy winter warmer.

Pie matches the business pretty effectively and deserves some tasty treats.

Though the cat’s pride doesn’t allow him to trade off his arrogance for treats to become my personal heater, he has compromised with the comfortable soft and thick fabric that makes him enjoy not only on the cold days but also in spring and fall.

I usually put on this hoodie sweatshirt for a walk carrying my fur-ball around and feel him purring with my hands in the pocket enforce our bond and trust in each other. This shirt makes a perfect gift for you, your friends and your meow fellow.

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