Providing pets with a coach, a home and a friend in Brooklyn, NY.

TameMe Pets

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Now Servicing:

 TameMe Pets service the following areas in Brooklyn, New York, but contact me if you do not see your location below:                                                

  • Brooklyn Heights   

  • Boerum Hill   

  • Carroll Gardens   

  • Clinton Hill   

  • Cobble Hill   

  • Downtown Brooklyn   

  • Dumbo   

  • Fort Greene   ​

  • Prospect Heights  



I believe it’s about providing value for your money’s worth- giving your pet the care and attention you’d love. Plus, doing so in ways that will allow you to have time and save more money. It is that simple, and that’s my promise.

Your Pet's Health:


Adult dogs & cats should be spayed/neutered, excluding puppies and kittens. All animals must be up-to-date with vaccinations. Current vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordatella. Frontline or equivalent flea & tick protection is required. Please provide documentation, along with your pet's veterinary contact details.



Pet insurance you can trust? I’ve got you covered!

I work independently and carry pet insurance. Think of all the great times and awesome things your pet does- don’t you think it’s about time you reward their love with the best pet insurance in Brooklyn?  That’s where I come in.  This allows you to be at ease knowing you and your pets have that extra level of security and assurance.


Dog Walking

Excellent dog walks in Brooklyn

Working late or time poor in Brooklyn? Give your dog the break they need with an excellent dog walking service in Brooklyn. Whether it is in the morning, mid-day, or evening, let us give your pet the attention and care they deserve while you’re working hard.


Enjoy a Dog walking service tailored to your schedule and time requirements. Your pet's care is always a top priority.  I offer leash training from puppies to working dogs with special needs or canines that are elderly. 


Walking your pup daily is vital and helps prevent bad dog behaviors. Additionally, the exercise and a chance to get fresh air will do their health a great deal of good. Plus, You pup gets to have a new pal too. 


Let's work together for what works best with your dog.


Puppy Training / Walking

A good start begins in Brooklyn with TameMe Pet Puppy Training/ Walking service

One-on-one puppy walks and training to help your pup learn and thrive. I help teach the necessary commands to bridge that gap of communication between you and your dog. I also teach basic commands to help your puppy on its journey to adulthood. The most important thing is to know about raising a dog, and the answer is always the same: Start training early! Remember that getting your puppy off to a good start will make both you and your dog much happier.


Dog / Cat Sitting

Dog/ Cat sitting; it’s a win-win for you and your pet 


Going out of town and can't take your pet? I got you covered! 


By providing overnight secure care in your home you have no reason to worry. I will stay with your pet, providing attentive care directly in the home; this means that not only will your pet have the company they deserve but my presence can help give your home additional security while you’re away. I will handle feeding, play, dog walks, and special needs so you can enjoy your travels. 

One more thing, I am proud to let you know I have no past criminal history and have been background checked by past employers which means that your home and pet is in good company.


Dog or Cat Drop-Ins
Serving Brooklyn with trustworthy Dog/ Cat Drop-ins

Every animal is different, and each has their specific needs. And with this option, the flexibility is meant to help your pet's wellbeing while you are away. I offer small dog walks, puppy playtime, feeding, companionship and medicine administration. 


Special Needs

When results matter, depend on professional care for special - needs pet


Struggling to take proper care of your special pet? Don’t be hard on yourself, let me help you. My specialized training and experience mean I can offer to help administer oral, topical medications, insulin, and subcutaneous fluids, along with meeting additional special needs as requested. 


More importantly, it’s about showing love. Whether you’re dealing with an elderly pet, one suffering from a chronic/terminal disease, or recovering from illness/injury then I hope that you will let me help you meet the unique challenges that come with having a special-needs pet. Because I care, just like you.


Multiple Animal Homes
Having more than one pet, not a problem. Let's discuss to see what types of options and pricing works best for you.